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Welcome to Koch-Lagertechnik

For more than 70 years we have been fulfilling the wishes of our customers, helping to face any challenges ahead.

Today we are one of the well-known specialists for cost-efficient logistics equipment, efficient storage, smooth in-house transportation as well as for loading technology using dock shelters and dock levellers.

We would very much like to support you planning your warehouse. - We invite you to take advantage of this free service and to benefit from our know-how.


Koch-Lagertechnik – perfect storage and loading solutions for you.

We are always on the move for our customers and we handle things according to the philosophy of our company:

   ... Fair, Flexible, Functional,
Competent - and Fast!

Efficient Warehouse Organisation

Nowadays efficient warehouse organisation and technically correct equipment are indispensable. Without competent and well-organised storage systems, the overview is easily lost and the goods cannot be stored, recollected and transported in a competent way. In the area of loading technology also, safe and functional dock shelters are an elementary part of storage technology with regard to power efficiency.

With our storage systems, you will obtain a high level of efficiency. This will result in  considerable advantages as to logistics of goods, staff and finances. Modern http://www.koch-lagertechnik.com/loading_systems brings relief regarding working processes and thus reduces downtimes and unfolds a greater potential for more efficient storage of goods.
Storage technology and loading technology work hand-in-hand and create an environment in which your goods and your customers' goods are being safely and perfectly stored. Your warehouse will be clearly structured and will contain state-of-the-art equipment thus giving an impression of reliability right away. In this way, visits of customers provide good occasions to present your company with its perfectly equipped and fully functioning warehouse.

With our storage technology you will benefit from efficient logistics and you will experience a high degree of safety. These important factors guarantee long-term success and a continuous high-quality range of products and services. Our staff is very much looking forward to answering your questions regarding our products. We are your competent contact partner for all your needs regarding modern and safe storage technology.