Drawbridge Levellers and Bridging Plates


Spring-driven drawbridge levellers
made of steel or aluminium, fixed-position or side-sliding design

  •    Counterbalanced via a maintenance and
      wear-free spring system
      (max. operating load according to
      DIN EN 1398: 300 N)

•    Easy operation with integral lateral
      operating lever

•    Automatic parking device to prevent
     uncontrolled movement

•    Lip plate provides for slight set angle

•    Support depth 120 / 200 mm
      of steel/aluminium levellers

•    Guide profile track, for side sliding models:
      bright rolled or zinc coated steel



Aluminium drawbridge leveller type KBS
Side sliding


•    Side sliding in a zinc coated guide profile;
     not demountable in the conventional design

•    Guide profile welded on the front edge of the
      loading platform

      (edge of the loading platform of U-120 profile
      according to DIN 1026
      or L-120 profile according to DIN 1029)   


•    Guide profile limited to leveller width,
      if requested as non-sliding model

•    Automatic fall protection to prevent accidents,
      lateral return lever for actuation


Bridging plate, AWB  type
Side sliding



This mobile bridging plate is universally applicable to un-/load vehicles using  lift stackers, roll containers, sack barrows etc.

details in our shop (only German)



Bridging plate, HF type
With movable access ramp tongue

details in our shop (only German)


•    Fixed lip plate support

•    Movable access ramp tongue; the rubber profile at the
     bottom side prevents roll containers from sliding
     (see illustration below)

•    Anti-slip ramp surface

•    Weather resistant

•    Side guides for additional anti-slip protection

•    Accessories: Transport trolleys, fork lift receptacle or
     lateral fixed castor for heavy loads (without illustration)







Drawbridge Levellers

Drawbridge levellers are available in various designs. The drawbridge levellers already differ as to the material they are made of. You can choose between steel or aluminium constructions. The spring-driven support enables you to easily operate the drawbridge leveller via the lateral operating lever. The counterbalance within the spring system is easily achieved and wear-free. The drawbridge leveller contains an automatic parking device that prevents the drawbridge from falling down accidentally provoking major accidents. The fact that the lip plate is slightly angled, makes it easier for your staff to un-/load trucks. You can either choose a fixed-position version or a side-sliding model to make operation easier and even more convenient. Thanks to the drawing bridge mechanism it is sufficient to let the truck stop keep a little more distance to the drawing bridge.

We particularly recommend to use drawbridge levellers as loading ramps if the  loading ramps are outside the warehouses. Drawbridge levellers enable a much more flexible handling of approaching trucks. If required, we will provide you with a bridging plate or loading ramps that easily rest on the cargo area of the truck and can also be easily stored in the warehouse. For further information on loading ramps, drawbridge levellers as well as dock shelters, please contact us for your personal consultation.