Our Team

Kerstin Pöpsel

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 24
Email: k.poepsel@koch-lagertechnik.de

If you always wanted to know who is hidden behind the abbreviation /kp in our correspondence, look here: Kerstin Pöpsel forms all of our requests in what we consider to be a presentable way. By the way she welcomes visitors and callers on the phone and in person at our reception.

Anette Wolff

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 35
Email: a.wolff@koch-lagertechnik.de

Anette Wolff works in the sales department. You will surely know her if you have already ordered working clothes or loading scooters at Koch. She’s said to have a friendly telephone voice and also informs you about the general programme.

Rolf Meierrieks

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 31
Email: meierrieks@koch-lagertechnik.de

Rolf Meierrieks discovered his sales talent during his apprenticeship at Koch and is already the second generation of his family to work for us. He knows our storage products blindfolded – just ask him! In addition, he is always on the lookout for devices to simplify your job and which would thus fit in well with our range.

Walter Ernst

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 11
Email: w.ernst@koch-lagertechnik.de

Walter Ernst is probably the most frequently mentioned name at Koch because he is constantly called for on the intercom. This is not because he is often conspicuous by his absence, but because you can find him anywhere. As the dispatch manager as well as a specialist and purchaser for all transport equipment, he is in high demand.

Sabine Schoeps

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 33
Email: auftrag@koch-lagertechnik.de

Sabine Schoeps knows all of our customers because she records all the orders and knows every item. She gives the impression that she is in complete control of the chaos in the office.

Jochen Wolff und Oliver Günther

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 12
Email: versand@koch-lagertechnik.de

Jochen Wolff (left) and Oliver Günther have probably also prepared your order for dispatch. They do not only bundle packages for the parcel service and handle the red tape, but also load road trains with transport equipment.

Marcus Schmidt

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 29
Email: m.schmidt@koch-lagertechnik.de

Marcus Schmidt is our team leader of the sales department for loading methods. He processes your requests and orders and, almost always in a good mood, he willingly provides you with any kind of information. By the way, the plants in his office are cultivated by himself. But they could be greener.

Johann Töws

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 19
Email: j.toews@koch-lagertechnik.de

Johann Töws is a sales assistant and a consultant for loading methods, at the same time he is also QMB and system administrator all in one. In order to see how busy he is, all you need to do is look at the state of his desk.

Barbara Brauer

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 44
Email: b.brauer@koch-lagertechnik.de

Barbara Brauer supports our sales division for loading/docking systems. therefore you can ask her everything about service for your dock levellers. She really enjoys making service offers and appointments. so what are you waiting for? Call her!

Frank Schüring

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 30
Email: f.schuering@koch-lagertechnik.de

Frank Schüring is on the road for you, 65,000 km every year. He is lucky that car driving is his hobby. He is happy to advise you concerning storage facilities and loading methods. If you cannot reach him in his office, his colleagues would be glad to provide you with his mobile number.

Gabi Kirschberger

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 25
Email: kirschberger@koch-lagertechnik.de

One spends money in the accounts, Gabi Kirschberger gets it back again, from you, dear customer. The accounts receivable accountant keeps herself fit with cycling for the tough cases. With more than 30 km by bike every working day, certainly for our accountant the company’s administration in France is not too far-fetched.

Barbara Meyer

Tel.: Tel.: 05232 - 6086 26
Email: b.meyer@koch-lagertechnik.de

Barbara Meyer verstärkt uns in der Buchhaltung und erledigt viele administrative Aufgaben für die Geschäftsleitung. Unter anderem hält sie auch die Kontakte zur Fachpresse. Der Garten, Radfahren, Lesen und Schwimmen sind nur einige ihrer Hobbys, die sie uns verraten hat.

Unfortunately, we cannot present all the members of staff in the manufacturing and assembly department individually. It is difficult to take a picture of the complete practitioner team, because they are rarely all present at the same time.



Martin Diepolder

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 0
Email: gl@koch-lagertechnik.de

As the managing partner, Martin Diepolder has the commercial responsibility. In addition, he is responsible for the storage equipment department. Unfortunately, his extensive office work does not leave him as much time to call on customers as he would like (he is the only one who comes to work every day wearing a tie).

Richard Diepolder

Email: kontakt@koch-lagertechnik.de

Richard Diepolder is the other managing partner and represents the practical side of the family. Many product features and patents can be traced back to his inventions. Today, however, he is only active in the company occasionally when he interrupts his retirement and is attracted back by his former workplace.

Silvia Diepolder

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 45
Email: s.diepolder@koch-lagertechnik.de

Now, the time has come! All of our production staff listen to the commands of two ladies, since Silvia Diepolder took over the leadership of the dock shelter manufacturing. If you speak with her you quickly notice that your concerns are in good hands. By the way, she is not a relation of the commercial manager – she is his wife.

Robin Diepolder

Tel.: 05232 - 6086 18
Email: r.diepolder@koch-lagertechnik.de

Robin Diepolder is called TNG (The Next Generation) by insiders. He is working in the dockshelter production and installation section. Meanwhile he made up his own research and development division for converting our new ideas to your advantage.

Unfortunately, we cannot present all the
members of staff in the manufacturing and
assembly department individually.
It is difficult to take a picture of the
complete practitioner team, because they
are rarely all present at the same time.