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Stack Cages / "S" Stack Cages

All-purpose transport equipment – versatile modules in your logistics concept! Stack cages make room in your warehouse.

They are easy to move and they protect your valuable goods from damage.
Stacking three tiers high you can create a lot of space, even without shelves – in this way you can be the stacking champion!


Stack Cages

3 models to choose from: widths: 130 cm, 195 cm and 270 cm

All types and details in our shop (only German)


Stack Cages 130


Possible uses for these stack cages:

A transport system from component production, sub assembly to assembly facility in "S" stack cages without transshipment (just-in-time).

Stocking of finished product in "S" stack cages - to be transported from the wholesaler to the retailer without transshipment.

Transport of semi-/finished products to distribution points, e.g., from production site to warehouse without transshipment.


The stable construction of stack cage is a protection against damages



Stack Cages 195



All stack boxes
can be stacked 3 tiers high



Stack Cages 270


All stack cages
can be stored in a space-saving way



"S" Stack Cages (Heavy Duty)


"S" Stack Cages 120


Possible uses of these stack cages:

Suitable for large batches of identical products, especially in block storage systems. Otherwise the advantages of saved space at the top would mostly be nullified by the required wider aisles for fork lifters.

The solid construction allows for a capacity of 600 kg on the ground cage and up to 900 kg combined on the upper two cages. All stack cages can be stored in a space-saving way.


Larger actual load,
even more stable construction
and larger wheels


"S" Stack Cages 200



The "S" stack cage is especially suitable for trucker transportation.


"S" Stack Cages 240


The "S" stack cage
is stored in a low-rise warehouse
to be then removed by truck.


Stack Cages - Optimum Storage and Fast Transport

Multi-Boxes (roll boxes) offer many advantages in a warehouse and can essentially influence your entire logistics because optimum storage and transport without time-consuming reloading processes will increase your productivity. However, the roll box should be adapted to your requirements and it should unite safety and  high load bearing capacities so that neither your freight nor your staff will be subjected to preventable dangers. Badly processed or even instable stack cages bear significant risks and can have devastating consequences.

Should you choose a roll box from our range of products, you are on the safe side since high-quality steel and a high load bearing capacity guarantee safe storage of your goods. Contrary to the commonly used Multi-box, our stack cages are a special kind of roll box enabling - for similar goods in particular - space-saving through block storage, easy access onto the freight and fast loading processes. While other Jumbo dolleys may require much space, the roll box can be stacked high.

Unused stack cages can be stacked into each other in a very space-saving way, since all transport trolleys have a foldaway floor.
Make use of the air space in your warehouse.