CHT/QHT Dock Levellers

Electro-hydraulic dock levellers with extendable lip

Constructive Design

The platform of the dock leveller consists of a raised pattern plate, 8 mm thick (anti-slip). Beneath it, welded enforcements increase its load bearing capacity. For the load bearing tests, we assumed the worst case (= lumped load). Within the frame, the platform is easily replaceable. The bearing of the extendable lip consists of 4 maintenance-free castors with ball bearings. Thanks to this high-quality design, no metal parts are gliding on each other. Thus corresponding noises will not occur. The frame construction consists of 3 circumferential channel sections as well as the front cross beam with outriggers. The front frame and the outriggers are not welded but screwed to each other. As an option, independently of the dock leveller, the front frame may also be encased in concrete in the first place. After corresponding progress of construction took place, the platform may easily be inserted and then immediately is ready to operate. The low design height and the self-supporting construction of the frame allow for the truck tailboards to be driven beneath the extendable lip. The welding is done by certified welders being supervised by welding engineers.  A continuous quality control ensures the high and consistent dock leveller quality.


Control System

The micro-processor control system is designed in such a way, that it can easily be customized. It is relatively easy to add functional extensions such as dock shelter/dock leveller locks, integrated dock leveller control or the like.


Control System Standards

  • Automatic return to its rest position
  • Work restart inhibit after triggering the emergency tripping device
  • Standstill during  voltage drop
  • IP54 degree of protection in accordance with DIN 40050


The dock leveller is lifted and lowered by two hydraulic jacks that are in floating position during the loading process. Burst pipe protection valves in the hydraulic jacks ensure a safety stop in case of emergency. The extendable lip is extended by means of a double acting cylinder so that the desired extended position will be reached precisely. The hydraulics unit with its compact design may also be operated using biodegradable hydraulics oil.


  • Non-stop in each working position
  • Special stability in case of emergency thanks to the usage of 2 hydraulic jacks
  •  If the truck accidentally rolls away under heavy load, the dock leveller stays in its current position
  • Protective side shrouds (8 mm thick with yellow-black hazard marks.
  • Inspection bolts

The entire design is in accordance with regulation BGR 233 (latest edition) for dock levellers and movable ramps, with series type certificate.



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Dock Levellers With Extendable Lips

Extendable lips will provide you with the option to precisely adjust your dock leveller to the exact distance to the truck. The dock levellers are perfectly suitable to safely un-/load trucks thanks to the fact that they are equipped with anti-slip raised pattern plates. Moreover the dock levellers with extendable lips have an automatic burst pipe protection contained in two hydraulic jacks in order to prevent accidents in any case of emergency. Stable construction and separate plug-units guarantee that the construction and the side walls of the truck will hardly ever be damaged. The dock leveller may be additionally equipped to serve any special requests. The great variety of impact protection buffers may serve as a small example for these options to equip you with loading technology  for any special case. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation by our competent staff. We would like to support you in any matter regarding loading systems.

As a supplier of dock levellers we regard it as one of our duties to hand out reliable technology and perfect equipment to you. Several models of dock levellers ensure smooth work processes and save unnecessary long-term costs since less accidents and safe technology mean less customer complaints. Please chose your dock leveller type according to your own requirements in your warehouse. We deliver dock levellers and of course also offer to install them.