The growth of the company depends on us setting and achieving realistic goals and providing a positive future for our employees and customers.

  • To anticipate and achieve the goals of our customers
  • To ensure our products are reliable and achieve maximum life and usage for our customers
  • Maintain our current customer base and continually find new customers
  • The pricing always reflects the quality of the product
  • The advice we provide is factual and free
  • To maintain competitive prices without compromising the quality
  • Employees always work in safe and harmonious environment
  • Employees and directors enjoy a 1:1 relationship and promote success
  • To ensure our profit margins allow for research and development and find new markets to conquer
  • To keep independent and unique

How we give our customers maximum benefits:

  • Products are functional, efficent, economically rational and save energy
  • Giving good advice on individual concept and design
  • Provide solutions for logistical problems and demands
  • Respond to our customers demands
  • Keep promises of delivery if it is within our control and keep our customers informed
  • We take our customers problems seriously as if they were our own and always find the right solution
  • In every situation we are fair to our business partners.

In brief, our policy is:

fair, flexible, functional,
competent – and fast!

fair, flexible, functional
technically skilled - and fast