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Dock Shelters

In forwarding companies and warehouses the dock shelters are to protect the freight against rain at the ramp and against heat loss of the warehouse. They mostly consist of relatively rigid frame constructions that not flexible enough to withstand any impact without being damaged. If a truck approaches the ramp in an imprecise manner, it will easily crash against the side parts and damage the dock shelters because the metal leverage may bend or brake. With our new TAS-SK dock shelters, we supply the latest state-of-the-art loading technology that can be perfectly adjusted to meet the requirements of the transportation of goods.

Being a manufacturer of dock shelters we provide a wide range of systems offering you flexibility, material protection and - most of all - cost-savings. In this way, you can choose between various models the one that seems to be the most suitable model to meet your individual requirements. TAS-SK curtain dock shelters, for instance, help to prevent wrongly approaching trucks from damaging anything. The flexible core made out of special foam draws back and is practically indestructible. The automatic head lifting facility will also draw back to the top if the vehicle approaching is too high. A cushion dock shelter, however, is designed to seal smaller gates against draught.

Customized products are also available. Please give us a call to tell us your wishes and you will receive tailor-made dock shelters according to any given dimensions. The Koch Lagertechnik team also offers you to consult you regarding alternatives. We would also like to provide you with on-site support regarding construction and load securing.