TAS-N Curtain Dock Shelters

to be installed in front ends

  • Better looks due to uninterrupted, straight building facade
  • Cushion material out of proven double-sided PVC-coated two-ply fabric (approx. 3 mm thick)
  • Cushions screwed to aluminium profile to be mounted in concrete, steel or on Halfen.

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fair, flexible, functional
technically skilled - and fast

TAS-N Curtain Dock Shelters

TAS-N curtain dock shelters are particularly constructed to be installed in recesses. TAS-SK and TAS-PL curtain dock shelters are designed to be assembled in front of the building, whereas the TAS-N curtain dock shelters perfectly fit into the building recess and thus offer a neat first impression. Dock shelters of course also contain the curtains that protect your freight as well as the dock levellers from condensation. The warning stripes are attached to the curtains. They help the driver to correctly approach the ramp and thus to prevent major damage. In this way your are well equipped for daily warehouse tasks. It allows you to focus on the essential points of the enterprise processes. Due to the construction and the warning stripes on the TAS-N curtain dock shelters, less damage occurs to the docks and the vehicles so that you will be spared unnecessary costs.

Individually manufactured loading systems help you to optimise work processes so that your personnel is more efficient and thus is enabled to work more reliably. They also comprise loading bellows that precisely match your requirements. If your docks are not in a recess, it will pay out to think about dock shelters with ridge option. Refridgerating trucks in particular are dependent on the fact that not only condensation is prevented but that also no undesirable air exchange takes place. Transport trolleys can thus be perfectly connected to the warehouse without needing to fear too warm air inlet.