TAS-PL Curtain Dock Shelters

with parallel motion control


  • Front curtains approximately 3.5 mm thick; highly abrasive resistant PVC-coated material, two-ply fabric, in black color
  • Rear and front frames are made from high-duty aluminum or zinc -coated steel profiles

  • Thanks to the parallel motion control, the front frame collapses as soon as vehicles approach in a wrong way.
  • Front curtains are provided with reversing alignment stripes
  • Sealing lip ensures a waterproof joint to the building facade
  • The front edge of the head frame assembly incorporates a channel to discharge water to the sides
  • Front and side curtains are easily replaceable

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TAS-PL Curtain Dock Shelters


Our TAS-PL curtain dock shelters consist of aluminium frame profiles. The parallel motion control ensures the collapsibility of the front frame. The side curtains are equipped with warning stripes to improve docking guidance. TAS-PL curtain dock shelters are an inexpensive way to protect loading processes. The trilateral curtains will still ensure sufficient protection against all weather conditions. This protection can also be provided by e.g. dock shelters with ridge option. There is no foam interior as with the TAS-SK curtain dock shelters, however the ridge is a mechanic construction that ensures the movability of the dock shelters.

Dock shelters such as TAS-PL curtain dock shelters can be tailor-made according to individual dimensions so that you will always be provided with the model that perfectly meets your demands.

Alongside dock shelters we can also provide you with dock levellers or practical loading bellows with which you can easily transfer your goods. Should you have any questions and special wishes, our competent staff will be happy to consult you.