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Your Supplier of Dock Levellers

Your Dock shelters ensure that there is no draught at the interface between warehouse and truck and that no goods will be damaged. The area of loading technology also includes the fact that Dock levellers should be state-of-the-art so that loading the goods is done in a time-saving way and thus contribute to the success your company. The loading area of a truck hardly ever is level with the warehouse level. Thus you will be flexible enough to dock any truck to your warehouse using our dock levellers. In this way you can drive directly onto the loading area of the truck using e.g. a lifter or a fork lifter.

The dock levellers from Koch Lagertechnik are available in two different designs. The dock levellers with extendable lip are designed in such a way that the gap between dock leveller and truck will be filled by the inch. Simply extend the lip from under the dock leveller and lay it onto the truck's loading area. Dock levellers with hinged lips have an extended platform that can be extended by a hydraulic jack. Extra equipment for dock levellers can also be provided. Corundum coating and also sensors for dock lock can be ordered along with these products. Of course the suitable control box for your dock leveller also is available on stock.