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Transport devices and transport trolleys

Suitable transport devices and trolleys are an important aspect of efficient storage technology enabling various safe ways to transport your goods and freight and essentially influence your logistics. Outdated or even insecure transport devices may not only result in damaged goods but also present preventable risks for the safety of your staff. Transport devices that do not meet your requirements thus might cause delays and decrease productivity.

Our wide range of different transport trolleys essentially relieve your warehouse processes and are greatly optimising loading systems. Efficiency and saving money are the most important factors that can be substantially increased using storage systems and transport devices. Lift stackers, sack barrows and different kinds of panel carts guarantee safe and fast goods transportation and increase productivity. In the long run, high quality and flexibility of our transport trolleys help us to ensure smooth operating processes.

In order to benefit fully from the storage capacity of your warehouse, we recommend the usage of our stack cages. Different sizes enable well-organised usage of your storage surfaces by stacking high. Moreover you will save much time since all transport devices can be moved on their own guide rollers. Thus stack cages are not only suitable as efficient storage systems but they should be an integral part within your entire company serving as handy and efficient transport trolleys.