Multi-Boxes are the universal means for all pieces of furniture
to be moved within low-rise warehouses or high-bay warehouses
(with inset skates) as well as for direct sale presentations
of special offers.

... even if it's large and delicate

Multi-Boxes 130

Multi-Boxes 195

Multi-Boxes 270

Possible uses of these Jumbo dolleys:

Multi-Boxes 130
Suitable for bedrooms, upholstered beds, teen bedroom furniture, slatted frames, mattresses, suspended door cabinets, electrical devices, small pieces of furniture.

Multi-Boxes 195
Siehe MB 130, darüber hinaus nutzbar für Anbauwände, Wohnwände und kleinere Küchen sowie umfangreiche Schlafzimmer-Komissionen.

Multi-Boxes 270
Geeignet für Anbauwände, Wohnwände, Matratzen und Küchen sowie in Verbindung mit Einlegestangen auch für Polstermöbel.

Further benefits of Multi-Boxes:
Stable steel tube constructions with high carrying capacity of up to 800 kg (MB 270: 600 kg). Large outside height of the side parts (190 cm) and particularly the rear tube   (180 cm). Detachable hold-open arm at the rear cross tube. In this way, long parts can be fixed on the left as well as on the right side of the devices, if required. But a device can also be equipped with 2 arms.

Technical Data:

External dimensions MB 130 MB 195 MB 270
Widths 1300 mm 1950 mm 2700 mm
Dephts 1150 mm 1150 mm 1150 mm
Heights 1900 mm 1900 mm 1900 mm
Inner dimensions      
Widths 1220 mm 1870 mm 2620 mm
Dephts 1100 mm 1100 mm 1100 mm
Heights 1690 mm 1690 mm 1690 mm
Stock height 210 mm 210 mm 210 mm
Payload 800 kg 800 kg 600 kg
Own weight 65 kg 80 kg 105 kg

Central single-hand release and automatic locking
for the base plate.

Side and rear wire mesh made from rigid round bars
- double-welded
at each crossover point

fair, flexible, functional
technically skilled - and fast

Optimum Transportation by Jumbo Dolleys

Fast and safe transport of furniture puts high demands on your warehouse. Pieces of furniture need to be loaded simply and quickly in order to ensure a smooth transfer to your distributor or customer. Unsuitable Transportation devices make it hard to access individual goods and thus can cause enormous damage to your goods. Moreover, outdated Jumbo dolleys or defective Jumbo dolleys endanger the safety of your staff or essentially slow-down loading operations.

Our Multi-Boxes can be perfectly integrated into your warehouse operation thanks to different widths. These Jumbo dolleys are welded and made out of high-quality steel and thus enable particularly safe transportation. The high carrying capacity of the Multi-Box ensures fast loading even of heavy goods. Always easily accessible and individually adjustable, securing systems guarantee a high degree of profitability since most transport damage can be prevented. In addition, correctly loaded pieces of furniture can be easily and quickly removed from the Multi-Box.

For similar goods we would recommend you to select our stack cages. Among other benefits, stack cages ensure most efficient usage of your storage capacity by making use of the height of your warehouse. With the help of our Jumbo dolleys, you can optimise warehouse operation, increase productivity of your staff and at the same time increase your customer's satisfaction.