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Warehouse shelving units and storage systems

An increased number of orders will often result in greater challenges in warehouse logistics. Storage systems need to be newly roofed and every additional warehouse shelving unit provides additional space. This will require space-saving storage systems. We offer different types of shelving units to be easily assembled and combined so that your warehouse precisely meets your needs.

Our shelf racks need special mentioning. They can be easily assembled thanks to a simple boltless system. Moreover, shelf racks can be freely arranged according to your requests. The metal shelving units are very resiliant and have a relatively low  proper weight. Metal shelving units as well as other storage racks from our product range help to optimally use available space and to perfect your work processes. For larger tasks you can apply our pallet racks. These storage shelving units have a high loading capacity and on minimum space offer sufficient storage space for europallets.

We offer to consult you anytime regarding precise planning of your own storage systems also. We will precisely meet your specifications and plan warehouse shelving units according to accurate measure specifications. Various archive shelving units are also part of our product range regarding storage technology. Please do not hesitate to come and see for yourself the high quality of our metal racks. New warehouse shelving units will help your warehouse to unfold its full potential when stacking high.