Shelf Racks

Single sided design due to diagonal bracing, boltless system

Technical Data Shelf Racks:

Loading capacities:

Shelf loads: 125, 200 and 3000 kg
Bay loads: up to 2100 kg
All specifications apply for uniform load distribution.


Rack heights: 2000, 2500 and 3000 mm
Floor widths: 1000 and 1300 mm
Floor depths: 300, 400, 500, 600 and 800 mm

Rack outer dimensions:

Widths: Basic rack + 60 mm
Widths: Add-on rack + 10 mm
Depth: Floor depth + 35 mm


3 shelf floors with triple safety edge or box form

Stopper edge height of the shelf floors: 40 mm.
Height of shelf floors adjustable at 25 mm intervals, boltless.
Horizontal stabilisation thanks to diagonal bracing.
Equipment accessories available.
Add-on shelf floors can be mounted if bay loads are observed.
Higher bay loads upon request

Please send us your general requirements for shelf racks. We will promptly send you an advantageous quote.

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Shelf Racks

Every now and then a modern warehouse will have to adapt to new circumstances. Once in a while the warehouse itself needs to be restructured and reorganized. This is the best solution whenever storage technology is available that can be flexibly and newly arranged to suit new conditions. Boltless shelf racks are  easier to assemble than bolt-together systems and thus prove to be enormously time-saving. Being easy assembly makes the boltless rack even more practical and versatile. The individual elements in the boltless rack will simply be stuck together and thus the rack can quickly be set up. Shelf racks can be filled manually from both sides.

Shelf racks can make the optimum use of any available storage space and can be used for various purposes. In this way, shelf racks can be installed with several floor levels without loosing their stability. Shelf racks not only are part of industrial warehouses but they are also a wonderful means for office archiving. Thus shelf racks are perfectly well suitable for smaller enterprises as well as for mail order companies.

Alongside shelf racks, you can also equip your warehouse with pallet racks. Thanks to spacious storage space and high loading capacity our warehouse shelving units are versatile. These heavy duty shelving units can indeed relieve your company's warehouse situation. Please simply contact our staff for any consultation regarding shelving.