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Useful Helper for Transportation - Furniture Protection Foil

Alongside moving blankets, furniture foils are necessary accessories for more effective transport securement. Furniture protection foil can protect upholstered furniture against dust during longer transportation times. Otherwise the furniture would need time-consuming dusting. Moreover, foil reliably prevents condensation on the furniture. Without air bubble foil, corners and edges of the chairs, tables, mirrors and shelving units or shelf floors suffer from damages due to shock. If no furniture protection foil is used, the risk will be high to deliver damaged furniture and thus not to meet the customers’ requirements.

We offer furniture foils in different sizes and of different types. In this way you can adapt the corresponding furniture foil according to your requirements as well as your requirements regarding logistics and transportation conditions. Useful hand dispensers enable fast and easy unrolling of the furniture protection foil. In this way, you save precious time preparing the transport. With air bubble foil you easily and efficiently protect damageable edges whereas stretch foil protects from condensation and dust. Stretch foil - similar to furniture blankets – also protects against transport damage

Complete your furniture transportation with suitable protective blankets that are necessary in addition to furniture protection foils. In this way, the freight will arrive at the customer's doorstep safe and sound. With additional floor fleece, the floor on site is protected from scratches and contaminations. Due to responsibly planned and safe transportation, you can successfully meet your customers' requirements and your customers will be content.