Telescopic Cargo Bars

Klemmbalken "SMART-BAR" KB/12-27

Der neu entwickelte Klemmbalken "SMART-BAR" ist ein Entfalltungskünstler, er klemmt sich an fast allen Stellen fest.
Stufenlos Verstellung von 112cm bis 274cm, durch Umlegen des kleinen Hebels (Foto1) wird zusätzlicher Anpressdruck erzeugt.

Adapter für KB /12-27

Adapter für KB /12-27
Durch den Umbau des KB/12-27 mit diesem Adapter
haben Sie die Möglichkeit, den Klemmbalken in fast allen Zurrschienen fest zu verankern.

fair, flexible, functional
technically skilled - and fast

Telescopic Cargo Bars

Telescopic cargo bars should not be used in fully loaded transporters to secure the transported goods. Should a pallet tip over during transportation, this would result in unnecessary costs. With very small investments, you can guarantee safe transportation and thus enormous savings. Less damage of goods also means less customer complaints.

Telescopic cargo bars can easily be fixed between the side walls or between ceiling and floors of the truck. In this way they serve as fixed barriers that keep pallets from slipping. If the goods are additionally secured by
binding straps or ratchet belts nothing can happen to prevent the transported goods from arriving safe and well at the cargo’s destination.

Not only for the goods themselves but also with regard to street traffic and staff, the telescopic cargo bars are indispensable. Well secured goods cannot fall out of the loading space during transportation and thus will not endanger any person. Safely secured loaded goods help to prevent accidents and prevent the driver should an unforeseeable perilous situation happen on the streets. For more on telescopic cargo bars, ratchet belts and other products please contact our competent staff.