Floor Protection Fleece

Floor Protection Fleece

To cover synthetic floor, parquet floor, carpet floor and stone floor. Protection against contamination.

Surface: The fleece absorbs everything like a sponge. Dries fast.
Bottom side: Coated with waterproof anti-slip membrane
Dimensions: 1m wide x 50 running meters = 50 m per roll

  • Simply roll out without additional fixing
  • Contaminations will not be dragged anywhere else, but will be absorbed by the fleece
  • Can be reused several times
  • Also suitable for flight of stairs

Air Bubble Foil

As shock protection for desks, chairs, mirrors, pictures and other pieces of furniture
2 layers, 80µ




fair, flexible, functional
technically skilled - and fast

Floor Protection Fleece

It is essential to handle furniture and floors professionally - in the warehouse as well as at the custumer's place. Sensitive wooden floor such as parquet floor might not only be contaminated but might even be scratched when sliding pieces of furniture on it without using a floor protection fleece. Make safety measures a priority during delivery to protect your company from negative consequences.

Moving blankets and furniture blankets efficiently prevent transport damage. Not only protective blankets and foils offer optimum protection and improved transport conditions.

Alongside floor protection fleece, our product range also offers you a large variety of protective blankets, protective foil for furniture as well as many other products for efficient storage, loading and transportation of your goods and to improve your productivity and ways of saving money.