Tool Bags


Größe (B x T x H): 410 x 190 x 280 mm
Gewicht: 4700g

ausziehbare Fächer, unten verstellbare Stege für Kleinteile,
herausnehmbarer Trageeinsatz, Steckschlösser,
Taschenkörper aluwinkelverstärkt

(Werkzeug nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)

Werkzeugtasche Favorit

Werkzeugtasche Favorit
Material Rindleder/ABSGröße 400 x 180 x 310 mm, ca. 2800 g

Vorder- und Rückwand teilaufklappbar,
mit jeweils 10 Einsteckfächern, 
herausnehmbare Mittelwand mit insg. 16 festen Schlaufen, 
2 extra große Halteschlösser

fair, flexible, functional
technically skilled - and fast

Tool Bags

Tool cases are practical and safe helpers during assembly but also for smaller and larger repair works. Professional handling and organisation should be your priorities when dealing with customers but also within the company. Tools that are loosely lying around are not well organised and thus might not only prove obstructive but may also endanger your staff. Tool bags or tool cases minimise the risk of loss and prevent the required tools not be at hand in case of time pressure.

Tool cases and tool bags can be filled and organised as desired and as required. Alongside often used tools, tool cases also have enough space for small parts such as screws, nails, glues and clamps. Our product range offers various tool bags made of calf leather or artificial leather.  Alongside aluminium-enforced brackets and useful core locks, tool bags contain loops for different kinds of tools and extensible drawers as well as adjustable bars for small parts. Robust and high-quality materials guarantee a long service life as well as continuous order and readiness.

For transport and setting up of furniture, however, we do not only recommend tool bags but also moving blankets and transporting devices ensuring safe and efficient delivery. Protective blankets protect the furniture from transport damage. Sack barrows can make the handling of heavier pieces easier. In a well sorted tool case, tools and accessories find enough space so that the work can be done quickly and reliably.