Archive Shelving Units/File Shelving Units

Single and double sided, boltless shelves



Technical Data Archive/File Shelving Units

Loading capacities:

Shelf load: 60 kg (single sided design)
Shelf load: 90 kg (double sided design)
Bay load: up to 850 kg
All specifications apply for inform load distribution


Rack heights: 1750, 2000, 2350 and 2700 mm
Floor widths: 750 and 1000 mm
Floor depth: 300 mm

Rack outer dimensions:

Widths: Basic rack + 60 mm
Widths: Add-on rack + 10 mm
Depth: Floor depth + 35 mm


Shelf floors with triple safety edging/rebate and rear stopper (single sided design) or plug-in central dividing bar (double sided design).

Stopper edge height of the shelf floors: 25 mm. Height of shelf floors adjustable at 25 mm intervals, boltless.
Horizontally stabilized via diagonal bracing (single sided design) or reinforcement beams (double sided design).
Extras available.

Please send us your general requirements for archive shelving units. We will promptly send you an advantageous quote.

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Archive Shelving Units and File Shelving Units

Most archive or file shelving units are available as shelf racks. As a rule, archive and file shelving units are designed to store folders and ring binders, usually with a floor depth of 30 cm. Archive shelving units and file shelving units in general can be loaded with up to 300 kg, so that your documentation is safely stored. Your documents will be perfectly organized and archived requiring minimum space only using the archive or file shelving units we offer. Saving space and providing stability are the keywords describing our scope of storage systems at its best.
Moreover, the shelving units are easy to assemble. They can be easily and quickly restructured if necessary. These slim shelves will greatly improve your storage capacity and thus optimize work processes. Depending on the design, archive and file shelving units can be accessible from both sides and are either supplied as boltless or bolt-together systems.