Suspended File Shelving Units

Single and double sided designs

Technical Data Suspended File Shelving Units

Loading capacities:

Loading capacity: 40 kg
Bay loads: up to 360 kg (single sided design)
Bay loads: up to 720 kg (double sided design)
All specifications apply for uniform load distribution.


Rack heights: 2000, 2350, 2700 and 3000 mm (single sided design)
Rack heights: 2000, 2300, 2700 and 3000 mm (double sided design)
Floor widths: 1000 mm
Floor depth: 400 mm (single sided design)
Floor depth: 800 mm (double sided design)

Rack outer dimensions:

Widths: Basic rack + 60 mm
Widths: Add-on rack + 10 mm
Depth: Floor depth + 35 mm


Stopper edge height of the shelf floors: 40 mm
Height of suspension bars adjustable at 25 mm intervals, boltless.
Suspension bars, galvanized (Elba/Leitz) or high gloss nickel plated (Zippel).

Also available for X-ray film suspended pouches. System Elba/Leitz, available with reinforced suspension bar (90 kg). Please inquire if required.

Please send us your general requirements for suspended file shelving units. We will promptly send you an advantageous quote.

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Suspended File Shelving

The ideal archive is well structured, organized and above all space-saving. Bulky cabinets with space-consuming drawers are a thing of the past. In proportion to the number of customers, the incoming orders, delivery notes, forms and files also are increasing. Not every enterprise can afford the space for huge archive shelving units which are merely helpful up to a certain point.

Our scope of storage systems also comprises suspended file shelving. There is one simple method to organize your archive: save space. Without drawers, it suffices to leave less unused space between the racks so that more racks for suspension files can be installed. Racks for suspension files are available as single sided, boltless systems or as double sided systems for double efficiency. Suspended file shelving units can carry a load of up to 40 kg per floor level. In this way, racks for suspension files are extremely well suited to support your archiving efforts. Thanks to the well-organized system, even old archives are easily found. This enables faster research.

Racks for suspension files belong to those storage systems that are more suitable to support office work. But even the largest warehouse requires administration. In this context, racks for suspension files will always be the better choice. Moreover, racks for suspension files are ideal for archiving x-ray films in suspended pouches in hospitals. We will provide you with suspended file shelving units with a stable design so that - among others -  x-ray films are safely stored.