Large Size Shelving Units

Boltless system


Technical Data Large Size Shelving Units

Loading capacities:

Shelf loads: 350 kg
Bay loads: up to 2000 kg
All specifications apply for uniform load distribution.


Rack heights: 2.000, 2.500 and 3.000 mm
Bay widths: 1.500, 2.000, 2.250 and 2.500 mm
Bay depths: 400, 500, 600 and 800mm

Rack outer dimensions:

Widths: Basic rack + 70 mm
Widths: Add-on rack + 20 mm
Depth: Shelf floo depth + 35 mm


Support frame for your lrge size shelving units, factory assembled.

Load-supporting beam: 75 mm rack height incl. retainer.
Shelf floor levels are covered with plywood. The plywood cover is flush with the reinforcement beams.
Shelf floor height is adjustable at 25 mm intervals, boltless. Extras available.

Please send us your general requirements for large size shelving. We will promptly send you an advantageous quote.

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Large Size Shelving Units and High Duty Shelving Units

Our storage systems are suitable for all industries and they will be tailor-made to meet your requirements. Storage racks can be used for different goods and kinds of freight. Not all goods are small and thus might require more space. Our heavy duty shelving units can even be loaded with heavy weights, without risking the slightest defects or accidents. These stable heavy duty shelving units are easy to assemble as usual and you can also use them in combination with other storage systems. This provides you with much flexibility as to how to use your warehouse shelving units and enables you to freely and uncompromisingly structure your storage space.

Large size shelving provides you with yet another means of today's storage technology. Thanks to its light design and its easy-to-handle boltless system, large size shelving can easily be restructured anytime your warehouse logistics require it. A wide span rack can also carry higher loads and is spacious enough for large and bulky goods even within minimum space. Thanks to torsion-free longitudinal transoms, even large bay loads can be placed on the shelf. In this way, wide span shelving proves to be the ideal means to essentially optimise your storage capacity. Easy assembly is a sustainable argument for wide span racks with a modern design.
Optimise your storage systems by choosing our heavy duty racks or large size shelves. Improved storage logistics will make your warehouse more spacious and will make sure that your goods as well as your customers' freight are safely stored.