Specialised Builds

Specialised builds developed upon customer request and entirely designed to meet the requirements
of the customer’s special application.

Please do challenge us with your individual and special request.

Please keep in mind that a certain minimum order quantity is required for production.



Foldable Boxes, Stackable  

for in-house transport and storage

Equipment: foldable roll cages with front doors that can be folded away and then stacked high

Flat Trolleys  

for transporting pieces of furniture within the production facilities between individual machines 

Equipment: safely stackable thanks to recesses in the wooden plate

Front Trolleys

for vertical storage and for transport of sensitive kitchen fronts

Equipment: upholstered, height-adjustable brackets such as upholstered securing bars preventing parts from slipping to the front, also height-adjustable

Roll Boxes for Clothing

for suspending clothing sacks for transport to the sales representations via truck

Equipment: height and depth-adjustable, clothes rails that can be hooked-in

Commissioning Trolleys  

für interne Werkslogistik in der Produktion

Ausstattung: stufenlos verschiebbare innere Trennwand

Multi-Boxes Low Loader (Tieflader)  

ow-loader boxes with lowered base plate to make efficient use of maximum loading height for truck transportation

Multi-Boxes With Sliding Floors

Roll containers for internal production logistics

Equipment: shelf floors that can be extended to the front - up to 4 pieces


Roll Cabinets for Valuables

for safe transport of valuables such as PCs or similar things while moving

Equipment: highly height-adjustable shelf floors, lockable front door

"Agile" Push Carts

for in-house transport within production facilities

Equipment: fixed castor - in the centre - for heavy loads, resulting in extra high agility

Special Pallets  

Pallets for in-house and external transport of caravan doors and window parts

Equipment: almost seamlessly adjustable front securing bar

Upon request: Push carts for transporting pallets also without stackers/fork lifters

"S" Stack Cages With Separating Panel  

for in-house transport within production facilities

Equipment: seamlessly slidable internal separating panel  

Repair Trolleys for Commissioning  

for in-house supply of semi-finished products

Equipment: Device is stackable, guiding for fork arms

fair, flexible, functional
technically skilled - and fast