"Jumbo" Dolleys


Proven on a daily basis - millions of times:
Universal and  indestructible transporting devices for warehouses, presentations and delivery.


All transporting devices are particularly easy running and - on top of that -
equipped with highly resilient guide rollers.


Can be supplied in 3 colours: grey, blue, red


Type Lenghts Widths
Jumbo 58 Super Poly 300mm 600mm
Jumbo 75 Standard Poly 300mm 600mm
Jumbo 75 Standard Gummi 300mm 600mm
Jumbo 100 Standard Poly 300mm 600mm
Jumbo 100 Standard Gummi 300mm 600mm
Jumbo 100 Super Poly 350mm 600mm
Jumbo 100 Super Gummi 350mm 600mm
Jumbo 125 Super Poly 500mm 600mm
Jumbo 125 Super Gummi 500mm 600mm
Jumbo 160 Super Gummi 500mm 600mm
Jumbo 200 Super Gummi 500mm 600mm
Jumbo 100 Super Poly 500mm 600mm
Jumbo 100 Super Gummi 500mm 600mm
Jumbo 100 Super Poly 600mm 600mm
Jumbo 100 Super Gummi 600mm 600mm
Jumbo 100 Super Poly 480mm 800mm
Jumbo 125 Super Gummi 500mm 800mm
Jumbo 125 Super Gummi 600mm 800mm

Possible Uses:

For the usage in in warehouses we recommend Jumbo dolleys 100 standard - guide rollers with cannulated screws - particularly for large numbers of pieces and correspondingly long storage times and Jumbo 100 super - guide rollers with four-hole plate - for low quantities and the more extensive use that goes with it.

Jumbo dolleys with poly wheels are suitable for slippery floors and carpet floors, since poly wheels are smooth-running, have a high carrying capacity as well as a long service life. However, they produce more running noise.

The Jumbo dolleys with rubber wheels are selected for uneven floors since they glide over uneven spots more easily.  They have a higher roll resistance and a lower carrying capacity.

For delivery purposes models with larger rollers are recommendable.




Schiebegriff für alle Arten von Jumbo.
Befestigung schnell und einfach mittels Flügelschraube
unter der Platte.



Stahlrohr geschweißt auf vier Kunststoff-Lenkrollen mit 100mm Ø, geeignet zur Aufnahme von ca. 35 JUMBO, Farbe Grün (RAL6018)

fair, flexible, functional
technical skilled - and fast

Jumbo Dolleys as Ideal Transporting Devices

At any rate, large pieces of furniture or bulky goods should be moved using more suitable transportation devices. Upholstery in particular should be transported using special upholstery wagons. Moreover, Jumbo dolleys are important for smooth warehouse operation. You loose precious time when collecting goods from different storage spaces onto a large transport trolley. In narrow aisles in particular, your mobility will be essentially restricted.

Use Jumbo dolleys to prevent time-consuming  manoeuvres and unnecessary delays. Jumbo dolleys are characterised by high strain bearing capacity and high carrying capacity. Various guide rollers help you to optimise the transportation of your freight with regard to the (un-/even) floor. Uneven spots, in particular slippery floors or carpets, ask for different requirements to be met by our Jumbo dolleys and must be taken into consideration accordingly. For a simple and fast transportation, use Jumbo dolleys with different kind of rolls from our product range. This allows you to stay flexible and to respond to the necessary stock transfer or unplanned shipment procedures.

Jumbo dolleys must not be missing in your warehouse since they are space-saving and flexible and enable easy transportation. Jumbo dolleys are perfectly suitable to handle smaller quantity of goods. For arranging orders with several pieces of goods, however, you should use one of our commissioning trolleys which serve to optimise logistics.