Flat Pack Wagons

Handy, very inexpensive transport trolleys for bedrooms, teen bedrooms, goods packed into cartons, corner seat suites and upholstered beds in low-rise warehouses.



Possible Uses:

Any Flat Pack Wagon can carry a complete bedroom (without sliding doors, bed retrofitting) or teen bedroom as well as goods packed into cartons, corner seat suites, table-chair-suites or upholstered beds.

Bulli is the most popular model since
it has a rigid, trilateral construction and thus is extremely stable.


External dimensions Mini-Bullis Bullis Wire-Mesh Bullis Wire-Mesh Bullis-Export
Widths 1750mm 1750mm 1750mm 1700mm
Dephts 700mm 700mm 700mm 700mm
Heights 1780mm 1780mm 1780mm 1780mm
Stock height 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
Payload 500kg 500kg 500kg 600kg
Own weight 42kg 43kg 54kg 65kg


All Flat Pack Wagons can be stored in a telescopic and thus space-saving way.

Wire-Mesh Bullis



Wire-mesh Bullis and Wire-mesh Bullis-Export

  • Stable steel tube construction
  • Floor (folding upwards) with plywood
  • Guide rollers with double ball bearing in the swing bearing, made of plastic, 100 mm Ø
  • A guide roller with directional lock
  • Detachable hold-open arm at the rear cross tube to support long parts
  • Wire-mesh Bulli-Export has an additional side part that can be folded to the front

Wire-Mesh Bullis-Export

fair, flexible, functional
technical skilled - and fast

Transport Trolleys for Bedrooms and Upholstery

In low-rise warehouses for furniture, space-saving Flat Pack Wagons are the most important transport trolleys with regard to optimum logistics. Transport devices should, however, be particularly safe and resilient in order to meet the requirements of your warehouse. Large and bulky trolleys need more space than necessary. Narrow aisles and smaller storage space increase capacities and thus also increases productivity. There are good reasons for buying the following mattress trolleys: Bulli, MiniBulli, wire-mesh Bulli or wire-mesh Bulli-Export.

Apply our Bulli Flat Pack Wagons to make more efficient use of your capacities and to accelerate your daily processes by enabling high accessibility and flexibility. These stable trolleys carry a complete bedroom each - without refitting - and they enable you to individually secure the load using adjustable support mechanisms. The stable construction of the mattress trolleys and the high-quality, wear-free guide rollers guarantee an especially reliable and safe transport of your freight. The high capacity of the trolleys helps you to efficiently organise your goods and to arrange furniture sets and groups of goods in a sensible way. There are innumerable ways to arrange upholstery and goods packed into cartons. In particular, there is no need to go back to Jumbo dolleys. Load the Bullis one by one accordingly instead.

Unused transport trolleys can be pushed into each other. Thus empty transport trolleys are stored in space-saving way, not obstructing any aisle.