Extras for Dock Shelters

Corner seals / bumpers

to prevent suction effects

  • Additional reduction of energy loss during loading processes.

  • Serves to close the problematic sealing zonesin the lower area of the dock shelters, preventing the suction effects.


Lifting curtains

as additional sealing zones also for smaller vehicles 

  • Additional sealing zones above small vehicles

  • Can be let down, if required

Suspension lips

for docks reaching down to outside floor level

  • Seals the gap between vehicle loading area and warehouse level.

  • The suspension lips are to be hooked into the door reveal at the required height.


fair, flexible, functional
technically skilled - and fast

Extras for Your Dock Shelters - Straight from the Manufacturer

Your dock shelters have been designed to be stable and to have a long service life. But even our reliable dock shelters have load limits that should not be exceeded. During day-to-day warehouse operation, a part of the dock shelters might be damaged. In this case you do not need to exchange the entire dock shelter. It suffices to replace individual parts. This helps to save much money. We will supply you with replacement parts such as cushions, assembly sets, side and head curtains, steel replacement parts as well as rubber casings to maintain your dock shelters.

Since we manufacture dock shelters, we also offer you continuous service. Koch Lagertechnik offers you consultation regarding any questions on dock shelters and provides support during assembly. It is of course not only the dock shelters that might need a spare part every now and then. From time to time, loading systems as well as loading bellows need to be equipped with new parts. This is due to the hectic everyday life of any warehouse that might lead to smaller incidents. In this way, it will prove handy to have us by your side as a reliable partner - not only supplying accessories but also installing them. This will enable you to focus on important company matters. Koch Lagertechnik is a dock shelter manufacturer concerned about customers saving money in the long run. Less customer complaints and less downtimes will confirm your decision in favor of our loading systems and dock shelters.