TAK Cushion Dock Shelters

Special design with additional transverse cushions

  • Superb sealing efficiency for docks of up to 2,200 mm width
  • 350 mm cushion depth is sufficient to give way to protruding vehicle parts such as hinges and to mould around the body sides
  • A cushion width of 350 mm guarantees enough tolerance for docking
  • Yellow stripes as reversing aid on the side cushions
  • Water-proof heat-sealed insulation

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Cushion Dock Shelters

Seal your dock as perfectly as possible using cushion dock shelters. For narrow dock widths and slim vehicles, cushion dock shelters are the best solution. Here, the 35 cm deep cushions that are filled with foam are compressed by the approaching vehicle. Cushion dock shelters easily adjust to the vehicle outline. Buffers help to protect the cushion from being compressed too much and prevent damage occurring to the entire loading system as well as to the building.

Cushion dock shelters provide you with a great deal of safety. Protruding vehicle parts do not bump against the dock. Instead their impact is smoothly absorbed by the cushions. In this way, the truck and the dock are perfectly flush. The stripes serve as additional approach aid and thus help the drivers to dock properly. Enforced canvas with a thickness of 2 mm helps to prolong the service life of the cushion dock shelters.

Koch Lagertechnik is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art loading system technology. We are looking forward to optimise your company in such a way that you will save much money in the long run instead of suffering loss through customer complaints and damage to your equipment. Should you have any questions or request, we would very much like to provide you with personal consultation on cushion dock shelters, dock shelters with ridge option as well as other types of dock shelters.